Environmental Statement

Today’s world present difficult environmental decisions for a consciencous company. Complicated issues make it difficult to know with a strong degree of certainty how our actions effect our environment.

RGP has adapted a policy to consider sand evaluate the environmental impact of our buisiness in all of our decisions. RGP’s goal is to be as environmentally neutral as possible. This policy effects our administrative, design, engineering, purchasing, distribution and marketing decisions. We are constantly looking for environmentally better methods to produce the highest quality product possible.

Our Lifetime Warranty is our best environmentalally freindly policy. It assures that our products will have a long life-cycle, thereby reducing the use of additional limited natural resource.

We believe it is better to buy quality that last rather than use and dispose. We are always open to suggestions as well. If you have any suggestions on how RGP can reduce our effect on the environment, please contact us to discuss at environment@rgpdental.com.

Working together we hope we can make a difference.


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